Essential Service from £ 49.00, Oil & Oil Filter Change and Visual Check of essential components

Comprehensive  Service  from £ 99.00, All filters changed including Cabin Filter ( if fitted ), top up washer bottle and check radiator anti freeze strength and top up were needed, a visible check of Brakes, Tyres and Suspension parts, a report of findings, and of course a FREE battery and brake fluid check, plus we will do a full diagnostic check 

If your vehicle is broken down, we will Recover it for FREE to our premises for repair

Tyres from £ 50.00 inc valve, balancing and disposal of old tyre in-line with our Enviromental Policy

All vehicles we service will be given a FREE battery test & Brake Fluid examination, which is now part of the MOT test

At Pro- Fit we take our responsibility to the environment seriously, employing reputable waste management companies to dispose of all our waste products.Dirty oil from your engine can be  re-processed to become marine oil and engine oil.  Your tyres become part of anything from equestrian or sports pitches, carpet underlay, drainage systems, roof tiles, road and playground surfaces. Batteries are recycled the lead extracted and even in some cases recycled into new batteries. Contaminated rags are sent for incineration in place of fossil fuels.

The Environmental Protection Act 1990, The Special Waste Regulations Act 1996 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Act (COSHH) all set out storage and disposal procedures for such hazardous materials

All our enviromental waste is recycled by a Licensed company in accordance with Goverment Legislation

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